The Castle of Pergine is on sale

Take part in the popular subscription to buy it constituting a Foundation, so that one of the symbols of Pergine, Valsugana and Trentino – a place of culture, art, history and hospitality – remains to everyone and for everyone.


The Castle of Pergine is on sale. Many citizens are worried about its destiny, aware that it can be closed, and kept so, from the end of 2017, that its protagonism, in hospitality, culture, in the identity image of the town and the vally, could be missed or remain an inaccessible postcard.

But together we can decide that it must stay open, available to everyone, a place of art, a witness to history, where to stroll, to stay with friends, to eat good food, to live and respect it, as explicitly asked by the former administrators who sold it to Mr. Mario Oss in 1956, and as the Oss family did from then to today, taking care of the restoration, promoting its tourist role, creating a unique context for art, culture and hospitality.

We reached an agreement with Mr. Mario Oss’s heirs and formed a purpose committee to buy the Castle of Pergine through a popular subscription,with the purpose of creating a non-profit Cultural Foundation to handle this asset in a responsible way.

We are seven friends who have only taken the initiative and represent many others, joined by an intent.

Usually we collaborate to change, we do it to preserve, to stop the time at the Castle, so that it remains as it is: powerful walls open to the community and tourists from all over the world.

The task that attends us is very hard: we must collect subscriptions for a million euro to reach the total amount necessary for the purchase of the Castle with the additional help of public and private institutions, companies and credit institutions that have already expressed their support. Only together we can do it, showing all good will, everyone for what they can do, we are certain to reach the goal.

Only together we can do it, showing all good will, everyone for what they can do.

Everything will be clear, every step will be documented weekly and visible on the website.

What can sensitive and responsible citizens do?

Deposit what is in their disposition.

Take time to talk to others and support the project, becoming a storyteller.

Render themselves available to the committee and give your help with the promotion.

Dreams can come true if supported by common commitment.

Our dream can be contagious and become an example for other realities.

Let’s try:


download the subscription form here



Comitato Castel Pergine – Quick video 03

Comitato Castel Pergine – Quick video 02

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